Classes & Events


Glass Art Classes are scheduled as requested; our optimum class size is 8 students, though we can work with smaller or larger groups. Our class time generally last 2-3 hours, depending on the progress of students and their projects.  Classes are available weekdays and limited weekends.

You could make a nightlight, wind chimes, sun catcher, or a small dish….. there are numerous options to choose from. There is a $25 minimum per class.....other fees are based on what you make, the size and the number of Kiln firings for your glass.  We help guide you through choices and the creative process.

Safety equipment is provided, we ask that you wear (sneaker-like) closed-toed shoes for classes.  

Please email or call us for more information.

2016 ART in the WILDS - fine art show in Kane, PA (generally the next to last weekend in June)
2016 ART in the WILDS - fine art show in Kane, PA (generally the next to last weekend in June)


Other than My Studio......Places you may find my work.....

Art in the Wilds - is an annual Fine Art Show in Kane, PA, generally held the next to last weekend of June.Participation is based on acceptance each year through the JURY Process.  This is a show I have been involved in since 2016 and it one that I hope to continue with.

Potter/Tioga Co. Vistors Center: 2053 Route 660,  Wellsboro, PA.

A small collection of my glasswork is available at the visitors center (located just 4 miles from the Studio).

Rockwell's Feed Store:  1943 Shumway Road, Wellsboro, PA

Rockwell's serving Pa for 160 years provides agricultural feed as well as food for your pets. Quality products and services.  They host local artisans from time to time, my glasswork is currently offered for sale at their store.

This is a Whimsical Rooster Plate -12'x12"
This is a Whimsical Rooster Plate -12'x12"