Assorted Wind Chimes


    Wind Chimes may be made to order, with choice of design, colors, number of chimes and/or size.  This is a representation of the chimes I consistently create.

    Individual chimes are attached to a woodland branch with a 8lb. fishing line; each chime has a u-shaped copper loop fired into the top while in the kiln, very small eye screws are inserted in the branch to accept the fishing line and connect each chime.  The Wind Chime is hung with a copper wire attached to the top side of the woodland branch. 

    Part of the process in creating Fused Glass is the annealing portion of the kiln firing.  Annealing strengthen the glass by allowing the molecules to form a bond. Fused Glass does not do well with rapid temperature changes.  If your wind chimes are inside don’t take them outside on a very cold day, and vice verse.  Wind Chimes do well in cold weather and windy weather.