Custom art can begin with your ideas, they can be pieces you’ve seen and liked or customized colors and/or sizes of some of my glass art. We strive to create glass to be enjoyed and cherished.    ***************

“Unity Ceremonies” are typically associated with weddings and colored sand.  Our version could include specific glass pieces, types & colors of glass chosen by you….ceremonially combined into one vessel by each of you.  

And later used in the creation of an art glass piece @ Cottage Glassworks.  You can be as involved as much as you like, choose your glass & colors…. even return to Cottage Glassworks after the ceremony to participate in making your treasured art.  Glass may be included in any number of things….nightlight, wind chimes, dishes, vases, artwork whatever will make it special to you and your loved ones.


.....something else to consider....

Cherishing ASHES: cremation ashes (human or family pet) are a cherished part of life for many people.  We can create a pendant, pocket piece, necklace, earring or other items to hold ashes.  The ashes can be visible or contained within the design of the piece so only the wearer knows the true meaning of it.  

You provide ashes, we create a piece you can wear, display or hold to keep your loved one close to you.