About The Artist

Kathleen Schnell

Cottage Glassworks – Wellsboro, PA Established January 2015

My husband and I moved to the area late in 2013. For me – having grown up in NH, I  love being back in the North East and we both enjoy being closer to our family. 

Wellsboro, PA is very much an Artisan Community!!  Being given the opportunity to work with my Art, learning, sharing and networking with other Artists is a great blessing to me.

Opalescent color, transparent color; the color of glass is what inspires me. Seeing colored glass in all lights of the day & night….natural and artificial. I see design ideas everywhere and look to incorporate these ideas into my glasswork. I began creating Stained Glass 35+ years ago, believing I could make glasswork, as I couldn’t afford the finished art at the time.

I loved it, studied it and lived it; I created many pieces for my family and friends (one was featured in the RSW Airport). My abilities, equipment and studio were expanding, as time passed I started working with Fused Glass and the processes changed. 

Fused glass to me… is like Stained Glass without the lines. I can blend and shade, I can include small whimsical ideas, or be bold and dimensional. The choice of glass, transparent, opaque, patterned, dichroic, and/or iridescent are deliberate and purposeful, the placement and layering can be striking.

Glass Centers and world-renowned artists are developing new glass processes continually. My glass is a combination of colors, shape, inspiration and ideas I experience in my life; I love fused glass because to me it is always new and the possibilities are endless.